Sehha embodies more than the essence of a brand; it represents a voyage across the ages. Derived from the Emirati dialect, the name ‘Sehha’ signifies a morsel of date, a staple deeply interwoven with the luxurious tapestry of Emirati heritage


Chocolate truffles with dates

Dates with Fillings

Chocolate truffles with dates

Dates with Fillings

Stuffed Date

Dates with Fillings

Dates Halwa

Stuffed Date Bowl

Each morsel of Sehha serves not only as a nourishing delight but also as a bridge con- necting the past with the present, merging age-old traditions with modern flair. Through Sehha, one embarks on a sensory journey, exploring the depths of cultural richness and the enduring legacy of Emirati ancestry, all the while savoring the unique fusion of time-honored tastes with the sophistication of contemporary lifestyles.

Preserving Emirati Identity

The heritage of the Emirati people is vast and multifaceted. It comprises countless tales of the dunes, palm trees, and the warm embrace of traditions passed down through generations. In a rapidly globaliz- ing world, the preservation of our unique identity becomes paramount. That’s where Sehha steps in. We are more than just a brand; we are the guardians of our rich Emirati legacy.

A Bridge Between Past and Present

Our products at Sehha are a harmonious melding of yesteryears and tomorrow. We are inspired by the flavors of the beautiful past, yet we are not bound by them. By weaving innovative ideas into our offerings, we ensure that the nostalgia remains, but with a fresh twist. This perfect balance ensures that every Sehha creation stands out, not just as a consumable, but as an experience.

The Perfect Luxury Gift

Gift-giving is a gesture that speaks volumes. With Sehha, each product is curated to perfection, making it an ideal luxury gift. Whether it’s for a loved one, a business associate, or a dear friend, Sehha ensures that the essence of Emirati heritage is shared and celebrated. After all, what can be more precious than gifting a piece of one’s history and culture?